The Avowal

Featured Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

She made her way through the thick crowd, her shield and sword capturing attention. They stood aside. Approaching the last stall, cheers resounded from behind walls at the back of the grand hall. No doubt a star from the most recent superhero movie was taking the Comic-Con stage. But she was only interested in a certain artist. He looked up at her approach and she noticed the moment he recognised her. He caught his breath. She had chosen Wonder Woman for her costume. With his eyes now fixed on hers, she dropped to her knee, planting her sword, and proposed.

© Josie Kirkwood 2020

Previously published in ‘Tempest In Under 1000’ on Medium 3 July 2020.

Micro-fiction is tiny fiction of up to ~300 words with 50-word stories known as ‘Dribbles’ and 100-word stories known as ‘Drabbles’. Often written to a prompt and tight deadline, these tiny stories provide creative challenge and an opportunity to experiment or write in different genres. Sometimes Dribbles and Drabbles can inspire a longer piece of fiction.