They Fell From the Trees

50-word speculative micro-fiction

Featured photo by Tanya Nevidoma on Unsplash

They fell from the trees that summer.
Pips and squeaks, the only sounds before light feathery bodies came to rest on the dirt.
Dust rose and engulfed them — a makeshift burial.
The last of their kind, probably. Tears were shed at the telling.
Not long after, the trees also fell.

© Josie Kirkwood 2020

Previously published in ‘The Friday Fix’ on Medium on 12 February 2020.

Micro-fiction is tiny fiction of up to ~300 words with 50-word stories known as ‘Dribbles’ and 100-word stories known as ‘Drabbles’. Often written to a prompt and tight deadline, these tiny stories provide creative challenge and an opportunity to experiment or write in different genres. Sometimes Dribbles and Drabbles can inspire a longer piece of fiction.