Welcome to my re-designed website!

Featured Photo by Josie Kirkwood


Six months ago, I set up a website to establish an online presence as a writer and science communicator. My intention is to blog and build a portfolio of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and science communication articles. I envision the website as a place for fearless sharing of my work and for feedback on my journey as an emerging writer. I write across genres and aim to be inclusive in my writing, free of stereotypes and tokenism.

But five months ago, I also began my first semester of a Master of Research postgraduate course in Biological Research, and the Covid19 lockdown followed soon after. Despite the setbacks these last few months, I still wrote (albeit short pieces only) and I completed my first semester. Alas, I neglected my new website and didn’t even promote it. But I am happy to remedy that situation now!

I have wanted to be a novelist since I was 12 and finally have two in the planning stages. But these past 6 months, I have established myself on the online platform, ‘Medium’. I joined various publications to write poetry, micro-fiction, and flash fiction, to exercise my writing muscles. My next step is to seek publication for my short stories in magazines and anthologies. I hope to continue working on my novels once I finish my graduate studies.

I hope you find something here you enjoy, and I welcome your comments and feedback.

Subscribers will receive updates on newly added pieces from time to time. If you prefer not to subscribe, I hope you will visit my website again soon or follow me on social media for updates on my writing and/or science communication.

Learning is lifelong, stay curious!

Thank you to my partner and alpha reader-turned-website master, Peter, for his invaluable help in website design and administration.
Your support and encouragement mean everything.